Appointment Reminders


American Telephony Cloud service will allow you to communicate with your customers via automated phone, email and Short Message Service (SMS) text messages. You can deliver custom messages, appointment reminders, send an alert, and more. 

Are Patient No Shows Costing You Significant Lost Revenue and Putting an Extra Burden on Your Office Resources?

We all know patient no shows are a big problem.  Typical no show rates for medical offices run between 5% to 18%. These missed appointments result in scheduling gaps, lost revenue opportunities and over-burdening your staff.    Take charge of your schedule with the American Telephony Cloud platform; our simple, intuitive and affordable Patient Reminder System.

Keep in touch with your patients like never before. They can read their email or text on their phone when it is convenient for them.

Industry analysts and experts suggest the following statistics about communications:

  • 97% of all text messages are opened by the recipient
  • 85% of patients have a mobile phone of which 50% are smartphones with Internet access
  • Cell phones outnumber computers by a 4:1 ratio

Extensive studies have proven that although all reminder systems improve attendance rates, most patients prefer SMS (text) reminders over phone calls. Text reminders are also the most cost-effective communication channel.

Patient Engagement Solutions

American Telephony develops and builds custom solutions to help medical practitioners better engage with their patients. Patients can receive reminders, insights and treatment options from their medical practitioner via phone, email and text messages. The ability to send and receive real time communications will help patients and medical practitioners make timely decisions regarding their patients’ overall health.


Recent Projects:

  • Blood Pressure Recording and Monitoring – Using the American Telephony Cloud platform, a major teaching hospital was able to participate in a program designed to reduce heart disease and stroke in urban populations
  • Gastroenterology Custom Messaging – The American Telephony Cloud platform enabled a gastroenterologist to send different messages at different times to their patient during pre and post procedure activities

Online Reviews

Our cloud-based communication platform, American Telephony Cloud, allows small and medium size medical offices and businesses to text their patients and customers to request online Google Reviews. This allows the patient or customer to communicate on their Smartphone in a way that is comfortable to them.

How it Works – It is as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Your office creates a list of patients with whom you want to communicate
  2. Choose online review request and upload file of the list of names
  3. Upload message and link (URL for creating Google Reviews) and hit send


We offer to help our customers interpret post-visit patient satisfaction surveys that they create in the SurveyMonkey® online survey tool. We can analyze your survey data and produce a report that gives you actionable insights to help you better run your business or practice. Our reports are HIPAA compliant and customizable to answer the questions that will help you maximize your office’s efficiency and improve communication with your patients.


How It Works:

  • The office creates the Post-Visit Patient Satisfaction Survey with or without American Telephony’s assistance
  • The patient fills out the online survey
  • American Telephony consultant collects the data
  • American Telephony produces and delivers a report with a summary analysis and recommended actions and next steps

Custom Reports

The American Telephony Cloud platform offers the ability to build customized reports with our proprietary tool, allowing you to analyze and report on relevant data to help you better run your business.

The types of data inputs include but are not limited to:

  • Patient Visits
  • Cancellation Notices
  • Alerts
  • Billing/Past Due Billing Reminders
  • Recall Reminders
  • Birthday Greetings

Our reporting engine allows you to select the fields and filters you want. For example, you may want to receive a daily report of the number of patient cancellations.  This can be delivered via Microsoft® Excel®, in PDF format, and it can be sent to you automatically by email from our American Telephony Cloud platform.

We can assist you in creating custom reports that fit your business and our platform has an open Application Programming Interface (API) that integrates with most Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers. 

Collect Actionable Data That Drives Impactful Results for Your Business