Why American Telephony?

By utilizing the latest cloud-based technologies, we are able to host the American Telephony Cloud service on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform in a highly scalable and secure environment. We designed our latest version of our platform with a leading HIPAA expert to ensure that our services are certified and compliant with the latest standards.

Comprehensive Patient Engagement Software Solutions



Appointment Reminders

Need to reduce patient no shows? The American Telephony Cloud service will allow you to communicate with your customers via automated phone, email and Short Message Service (SMS) text messages. You can deliver custom messages, appointment reminders, send an alert to mobile staff and more.

Online Reviews

Our cloud-based communication platform, American Telephony Cloud, allows small and medium size medical offices and businesses to text their patients and customers to request online Google reviews. This allows the patient or customer to communicate in a way that is comfortable to them.

Custom Reports

The American Telephony Cloud solution offers the ability to build customized reports with our proprietary/custom tool that allows you to analyze and report on data that is relevant to help you run your business. The types of data inputs include patient visits, alerts, billing and more.

Patient Engagement Solutions

American Telephony develops and builds custom solutions to help medical practitioners better engage with their patients. Patients can receive reminders, insights and treatment options from their medical practitioner via phone, email and text messages. The ability to send and receive real time communications will help patients and medical practitioners make timely decisions regarding their patients’ overall health.

Virtual Care/TeleHealth

** Coming Soon **



We offer to help our customers interpret post-visit patient satisfaction surveys that they create in the SurveyMonkey® online survey tool. We can analyze your survey data and produce a report that gives you actionable insights to help you run your business better. Our reports are HIPAA compliant and customizable to answer the questions that will help you maximize your office’s efficiency and improve communication with your patients.

Improve Internal and External Communication

For each patient that does not show, the office loses revenue. In addition, without consistent and continual communications, you increase the risk of losing that patient. Patient relationships, built by convenient phone, email, and text reminders and alerts help ensure that you keep your patients coming back with follow up appointments for years to come.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

American Telephony is easy to use and has great customer service.

Practice Manager

Oregon Family Medicine

Stellar service assisting our practice during COVID-19.  Highly Recommended.

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NY Dermatology Practice