Integrations and Interfaces

American Telephony Integrations and Interfaces

All American Telephony, Inc. Patient Communication and Mobile Communication solutions are easy to install, flexible to use and administer and integrate with most Practice Management Systems (PMS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) providers. The following table lists most of the leading PMS and EHR providers:

PMS and EHR Providers

  • EyeDoc
  • Greenway
  • iMedicware
  • Lytec
  • MDOffice
  • Medent
  • MedEvolve
  • Medic
  • Medical Manager
  • Medinformatix
  • MicroMD
  • Mysis
  • NCG
  • NextGen
  • Next Tech
  • Perfect Care
  • STI
  • VersaSuite
  • X-Med
  • Zywin

If you do not see your PMS or EHR in the table above, Contact Us