Would you like to cut down on patient no show rates?


If the answer to that question is YES! You have come to the right place. Our patient message reminder solutions have a proven track record in doing just that: reducing patient no show rates and even better. We can increase revenue by automating the process. For each patient that does not show, the office loses money. In addition, you increase your risk of losing that patient. In these tough times, customer relationships and follow up appointments are even more important. Our software is quick to set up, and very easy to learn. Our client list includes many medical offices throughout the United States and Canada.

2014 Update: Mobile Instant Text Messaging Changes Everything ITM
SMSTEXT-TIM The Instant Text Messaging feature or ITM will allow the user to add the Provider’s cell phone number and be able to create an instant text message that will go out to one (1) or all users in the Provider table. There is a convenient way of choosing ALL or individually checking off one or more users. The separate reports for ITM that are PROCESSED AND NOT PROCESSED and look very similar to the reports that you are used to. Users are encouraged to have their Providers put the cell phone number that is used in their contacts list under the name of the practice and even add a unique Ring Tone.
SMSTEXT-TIM We were requested by one of our users to program this additional feature. This feature can easily replace a traditional ‘Beeper’ system because you can use the smart phones that the providers (..doctors..administrators..etc.) would already have. By the name INSTANT we have made these messages a Priority #1 to be sent out ASAP!
Business Communication and Automated Message Reminder Systems
Products Features Technology
Pam2000 An automated computer system that calls your patients to remind them of appointments and other important messages such as recalls and cancellations. Telephone
EMMA The Email Message Assistant has been developed to address time and cost challenges by providing an automated method of sending E-Mail messages to your patients. Email
TIM Text Information Messages are a valuable tool in Reducing Patient No Shows. 97% of all text messages are opened by the recipient. So take charge of your schedule with this Patient Reminder System. SMS Text
LAB The Lab Results Reporting System gives 24/7 access to your patients lab results. During the day-to-day operations of a busy practice efficiently delivering lab results and other messages to patients can be very challenging. Manual phone calls require hours of staff time and mailing letters is slow and expensive. Telephone
Business Communication and Automated Message Reminder Systems
Products Links to more information – PDF Technology
Pam2000 Pam2000 Documentation Telephone
EMMA EMMA Documentation Email
TIM TIM Documentation SMS Text
LAB LAB Results Documentation Telephone


Latest News
P.E.T. utility! Released on December 11, 2013
American Telephony, Inc. announces new interface program that reads data from various PMS (Practice Management Systems) and generates input for it’s three appointmet reminder systems: PAM2000, eMMa and TIM. Electronic Medical Records Related Software – API

Starting July 1, 2013*
New program. Give us 60 minutes to setup your system, We will give you 60 days FREE SMS Text Messages. After the trial period ends reduce patient no shows and increase revenue for only $120 per month. Call Len Moeller to setup your demo now. *Based on one location and two providers.